Las Rosas, Argentina

Lovely home, little town, Argentina

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About Our Home
My home is located in front of the main Plaza. It is surrounded by beautiful nature with a many of flowers and trees. In the Plaza every Saturday there is a colorful meeting of artisans with jewelry, food, gemstones, and all kind of interesting things. The place has a special energetic element with many spas and alternative therapies all around. There are rivers and streams. The mountain is very close to the house. The best months to visit are spring (Sept & Oct) when flowers are blooming like crazy and also the Summer (January & February) to enjoy the balnearios (spa town resorts).
Special Considerations
Our plants require watering. Some days in the Plaza there is music at night so there is a bit more noise specially in summer, but not in spring.
Many including in our property in the summer
Mina Clavero is at 30 minutes by bus with casino, theatres and other night attractions
Córdoba is the second city of Argentina is at 3 hours by bus You can go and retutr the same day
In Córdoba there are many museums
There are many little towns and villages all around
We are in the middle of a valley surrounded by mountains The main one is Cerro Champaquí

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  1. We are a couple 63 years old and retired. I worked for 10 years in Aerolineas Argentinas and I traveled a lot all over the world.
  2. Oscar my husband runs a restaurant in our house in the summer.
  3. We enjoy travel and meeting different people.

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I've never had the experience of exchanging properties, but I think it will be very interesting. My preference would be to go to Spain because I love the country and my husband only speaks Spanish. We´re very careful with our things and we'll be the same with yours.