Chatham, United Kingdom

Perfect for singles or couples

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About Our Home
Just a normal flat, big sofa, tv, Xbox, playstation, dining table. Our kitchen is a normal size with anything you could need. Bathroom is nice, bedrooms are ok.
Special Considerations
Christopher most likely will stay at the flat if you were to visit, but he would not be much bother. He would see to the pets. We do not aloud smoking in the flat,but you may smoke by the stairs. We have musical equipment that may not be used such as guitars, amps, pedals and keyboards.
London, Maidstone
London, Canterbury
London, bluewater, Maidstone
Country parks
London, Canterbury, Rochester

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Member since: Jan 2013
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destinations Anywhere,  Croatia,  Thailand,  Italy
Anywhere hot!
destinations Anytime
We want to go the time of year when it's hot.

  About Us

  1. We are a couple in our 20's, and we care for a young man with learning difficulties
  2. Lee is a sales man, myself ( Anja ) am a waitress and student, stydying midwifery.
  3. We enjoy adventures, history, good food and good company

  Personal Message

We have never done any home exchanges, But we think it's a fantastic idea. We don't mind having people staying with us during a period of time if a swap wouldn't be suitable for us, my partner (Lee's) job is very demanding. We live close to London and historical cities and villages, close to the country side and fun fairs such as Thorpe park. We care for lee's brother chris, and have two cats Oliver and Twist.