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Beautiful Los Angeles 1928 House

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About Our Home
My wife and I want to exchange our house in Los Angeles for a flat in Jerusalem so we can visit our daughter who is 'ktzina b'tzhal.' Around 4 July - 10 August, 2013 Our house is big, around 2000 square feet (about 185 sqm). 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, dining room, breakfast room, Kosher kitchen, front and back yards. One floor. Washer/dryer, central air conditioning, WiFi, big screen TV 1 mile from Beverly Hills. 6 miles from Pacific Ocean. 3 miles to Hollywood. Close to Kosher restaurants, synagogues.
Special Considerations
No smoking. Kosher or vegan food. We have a gentle miniature black poodle that we will need to find a place for him if you don't want to walk him everyday.
Kosher, Indian, Ethiopian, Cuban all nearby
Hollywood and nearby clubs
Indoor and outdoor shopping malls, plus Jewish, Indian, Ethiopian stores.
Art museums, Automobile museum
Pacific Ocean, Hollywood, Beverly Hills

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destinations Israel
Right now like to stay in Jerusalem so we can visit our daughter... ktzina b'tzhal.
destinations Anytime
This year we

  About Us

  1. We are couple -- 60 years old +.
  2. Lida is English As A Second Language (ESL) writer and editor.
  3. Paul arranges credit card sales processing for businesses and not-for-profits. He has been a teacher for children with special needs.

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Looking forward to exchanging our house. We are trustworthy. Great way to save lots of money and visit other places.