Walbrzych, Poland

Cosy nice charming 35 sq.m.

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About Our Home
Our appartment is located in the middle of a green and quiet part of the city, designed about 100 years ago as a garden-compound - therefore a nice place to go for a walk. If you go for a longer walk - 20 minutes through a park on a small hill - you are in the beautifully renovated center of Wałbrzych, with its architectural monuments, museums, theaters, even a philharmony, and of course numerous shopping centers. But this part of the town has also very good shops and after 2 days the saleswoman in the corner shop remembers your favourite kind of bread... The apartment is located on the quite high ground level - seven steps in the staircase - in a 2-storey brick building (3 apartments on every level). You shall have a spacious kitchen and a bedroom with a fire-place. There is a central gas heating, a washing machine (but no dryer), a gas oven (but no microwave), and we have thrown out the TV set... But there is a lot of books, also guide books and maps for our guests, also in English and German. One funny thing - the bath-tub is in the niche in the kitchen, behind a curtain, so you can take bath and at the same time participate in the social life - extravagant perhaps, but perfekt for a nice bath with a glass of wine. The toilet is in a separate room, so you can take your bath undisturbed...Outside there is a green escarp with trees and twittering birds, so the atmosphere is more as in the countryside than in a city. You can park the car just outside, in the street. We are open also for a non-simultaneous exchange, as it is our holiday appartment.
Special Considerations
No smoking please
this landscape is constantly changing, so I can't recommend anything for sure
you should go to Wrocław for it... 1 hour with the car
plenty of nice corner-shops in the vicinity, or Galeria Victoria - a modern shopping mall in the center of the town
The Regional Museum - amazingly interesting, I recommend the exhibitions about porcelain making and about prehistoric plants
Marvellous hikes in the hilly area around Wałbrzych. Small mountains, medieval castles, termal wells, gold mines, great mountain-bike routes, mushrooms picking, hunting for precious stones - anything you like...

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