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Cozy treehouse down in Austin Texas

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Completely surrounded by mature pecan trees, this cozy studio apartment is convenient to both University of Texas (UT) and Downtown. Remodeled former apartment, this small condo has all new appliances, cabinets, plumbing fixtures and floors. You will have this apartment all to yourself and the kitchen is fully equipped to cook gourmet meals. Tons of natural light comes from 3 large windows and a skylight. There is secure access as well as free parking on the ground floor. Within easy walking distance to great restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. There are also 2 major bus lines stopping nearby that will take you pretty much anywhere you want to go for just $1.50/day. Bicycling the area is really fun. Wireless internet, washer/dryer included. Only 18 units, the building is located on the corner of Nueces and 17th Streets. Mine is # 201. The Dog & Duck Pub is 2 blocks away. The best Indian restaurant in Austin is 3 blocks. Sagra, an Italian trattoria 1 block.. 6th St. would be 11 blocks, and Town Lake, which is 1st St, another 5 blocks South. There are two different bus routes, one headed North and one headed South. Both bus stops are 1 block away. The website is:cap (thatsright) metro (and) dot org The UT student 'drag' starts at 19th St. which is 2 blocks away.
Clay Pit , Chuy's , Uncle Billy's , Live Oak BBQ, an increasing variety of food trucks ... every type of cuisine.
Dog and Duck Pub is very close. A vast array of pubs and bars, many with live music.
The Blanton Museum
Hike and Bike trail
The Capitol
Special Events
Austin City Limit's Music Festival, SXSW. Lots of live music on any night.

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  1. As a homeowner I exchanged my home and car 4 times, 3 to Europe and one time for skiing in California.
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