Hangzhou, China

The most beautiful city

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  1. We are 2 Chinese students hoping to spend about 14 days in Australia during summer vacation,which is winter in Australia
  2. We are high school students in Hangzhou Foreign Language School.
  3. We love to travel,meet new people,laugh and chat A LOT!

  Personal Message

We have never exchanged home before. Because we are just normal students,so we don't have a home for you guys to stay (I'm sorry for that.) But you can come to our city,Hangzhou,which is said to be the most beautiful and worth-traveling city in China! And we can give you some advice and introduce our classmates to help you or even be your guide during your trip here.(We are from a foreign language school,so you don't have to worry about any language problems.) We hope to find a place to live in...