Tel Aviv, Israel

Lovely apartment Tel Aviv Israel

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Pretty nice apartmens very comfortable for a couple . moder design pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Living room combined with kitchen couch opens like standart double bed Flat Screen Tv 42' computer and sound system . shower combined toilet Bedroom with double bed . Public transportation 24/7 Walking distance synagogue Location south Tel-Aviv (" Hatiqa Market" ) 2-3 min. from Central Bus station or Train station "Ha-Agana" by Bus or 15 min. by feet . 10min. by bus to pubsbeach location.
Special Considerations
plants watering require
Dallas 2min by feet
pubs area 10 min by bus ,
Hatiqa Market street shops

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  1. We are fresh married couple in our 30's
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We never did home swap befor so we wanna try it ) We are instrested in Short time exchanges (week and less) Beter mail me to get faster answer : (email replaced) thank's