Zeist, The Netherlands

cozy apartment, beautiful location

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About Our Home
We live in a beautiful apartment above the shops (including a supermarket), it's at the second floor of the apartmentcomplex, which is accessible with an elevator. when you get off the porch, you come almost immediately in a beautiful forest facing allegations where you can take lovely walks. at 1 km away there is a train station with direct connection to eg Amsterdam or Utrecht. our house contains 2 bedrooms (both with double bed), living room with half-open kitchen, a bathroom, a toilet and a balcony.
Special Considerations
No smoking in the house please. (just in the balcony) Care of plants is not neccesary. Washer and dryer in the house. Below the house is a big (free) parking: Parking is not a problem!
Le Baron (Zeist), Le Clochard (Utrecht)
different clubs in Utrecht, Club New (Zeist), LaDaDa (Zeist)
Utrecht, Amsterdam
various museums in Utrecht (including the Central Museum), Anne Frank House (Amsterdam) Van Gogh Museum (Amsterdam)
walking, cycling, horse riding
Zeist, Utrecht, Amsterdam, ...

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  About Us

  1. a mother (46), supervisor, and daughter (16), high school
  2. we have a little dog (chihuahua) which is well raised and potty trained. we would like to take her
  3. We enjoy travelling, good food (vegetarian), learning different languages, experience different cultures

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We have never done an exchange before We love our apartment to pieces and we will take care of your apartment as if it was ours. if you are intrested, please contact us via the following email address: i.maurits (@-sign) hetnet.nl