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Perfect place in palace area

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My place is in Potsdam, which is like the rich suburb of Berlin, it has an incredible palace area only five minutes from my place, with huge park (google it: Palace Sanssouci!), so your temporary home would be very posh and quiet, but in thirty minutes, you are in Berlin-centre and ready for all the attractions only a city's centre can provide. I think it is the perfect mixture for a stay longer than a weekend! In december, you can expect snow and winter beauty in Berlin. For me it is a reason to want to go abroad, for I don't want to spend every winter here, but for somebody who is used to summerly temperatures then, it must be a lovely experience.
Special Considerations
No smoking, no pets. I prefer normal, upgrown people much more than party people. :-)
Many restaurants available
Plenty -- you're in Kreuzberg!

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Close to the beach would be great in general. :-)
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  1. I am in my early thirties and single raising mum of a wonderful little boy, six month.
  2. I work freelance as a texter, so I can work pretty much everywhere.
  3. My very little family is the most important and beautiful thing in life. Plus, I love the summer and the sun!

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I've been extremely active on Couchsurfing - hope it's okay to name this website here -, and been travelling a lot ever since I was a child. I like to continue this lifestyle to a certain degree, even with my little baby. Home swapping seems to be a very good option. I like the idea of win-win situation, too. :-)