Ormesby, United Kingdom

Beautiful Family home close to the

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About Our Home
My home is beautiful and I have worked so hard to finally get somewhere i want to be. My home is within a 2 mile radius of a beautiful town full of shops and a huge shopping center available 7 days a week. Within 3 miles there is a gorgeous historic market town full of stalls that sell everything you can possibly think of. Also 3 mile away there is the beautiful mountains on roseberry which you can climb and enjoy all of the beautiful english countryside. Take in the wonderful english air then retreat back to your lovely home to relax and take in the idyllic views right from your very yard. What more could you possibly want?
Special Considerations
Non-Smokers if possible. Family pets are more than welcome to join aswell.
Central Park restaurants
Middlesbrough Town
Town center Midllesbrough
Idyllic views from a 1 mile walking distance, or 3 mile drive
Roseberry Topping and the beautiful countryside
Special Events
Middlesbrough town hall offer a wide range of events every day and night of the week

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I have never had a home-exchange before and i would really like to try it out. It is something i have wanted to try out and have been thinking about for a good few months now, and would like it if you could mail me and offer a place in your home, in exchange for mine.