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About Our Home
It is a lovely manor with a beautiful view overlooking the Yorkshire moorland views. With spectacular bedrooms draped with beauty. Each room is very very unique. This is a perfect home which sleeps 5 people. A perfect place to see the sunrise and sunset. There is plenty of garden space to relax, potter around and enjoy an afternoon tea. This is a famous house in the village for our delicate blossoms and tropical flowers that bloom beautifully with aromatic scents. Stay .... relax and most of all ..... enjoy!
Special Considerations
There is absolutely no smoking in our house please. In consideration for the fact that we have our famous floral garden, please could you switch on our sprayers before you go to bed. You will find the switch in our kitchen; it is obvious. Thank you.
There is a lovely restaurant called the moor's view inn very near to the house in which serve delicious food daily.
There are a couple of bars within the area, all in which open late and offer cocktail and refreshing drinks.
In the area there are little gift shops in which offer luxury products and close there is a shopping centre with all the modern shops.
There are art museums near to the house in which display different ranges of art.
Around the area there are adorable, spectacular gardens to visit with aromatic breezes from the tropical flowers. Lakes and water features are beautiful to see.

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  1. I am a 55 year old lady married to a 57 year old man, We are very happily married with two children.
  2. I spent most of my working years as a children's nurse, but I am currently retired, I spend most of my time baking, cooking, and arranging floral displays.
  3. We love to spend time with our children and have lovely family days ou .

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We have done two home exchanges previously and both families involved have thoroughly enjoyed the experience, It is great fun! It gives people involved a great chance to experience new things and new places. We love to spend time with our family and love cleaning ... so your house will stay very clean. Just to note we do not mind if our house does not stay perfect, after all ... we are all having fun! xx We are lovers of pets therefore we would be willing to look after and cater for any...