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About Our Home
The flat is good located, both, S- and U-Bahn are reachable by not more than 2 min walking. The flat is build in the old typical Neukölln style with asymmetric walls. As there lived a carpenter before, who made parts of the renovations, ther is a lot of wood in the flat and gives it a particular charme. The room downstairs has a loft-bed (200cm x 140cm) and the room upstairs has a mattrass of the same size. The bathroom is quite small, but the shower is spacious and comfortable. In the kitchen you find quite everything you could need for cooking, its quite big, too. Even if there is space for up to four people, I would like to give it to not more than two. So, single travellers, couples, moms with child welcome (if the child is not too small, the stairs are quite tricky). One german and one turkish supermarket are right outside on the street. The flat has a LAN-connection and is really quiet (backyard). I am actually looking for an exchange 10th July - 4th August 2013 with somebody who lives near the sea (whereever, but sea with swimming options).
Special Considerations
House door of the first building must be closed with the key after 20:00 o`clock. Windows in the room upstairs must always be closed before leaving the flat (it rained heavily inside already one time!)
uncountable, everywhere, everything, if you look for sth. special, like traditional german food, contact me
everything, everywhere, depending what kind of music you like, around the cormer is a bar to warm up for party time
flee market in neukölln every 2. Sunday, other fleemarkets every Sunday
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destinations Anywhere
near the sea (with swimming option), have no driving license, so sea should be reachable by feet, bike or bus
destinations Anytime

  About Us

  1. I am 30, I studied translating, than I worked for a social institution several years, now I am studying music therapy, released my first book and I am writing the second one
  2. I will probably travel alone, as my boyfriend is touring from time to time and has not necessarily the same holiday times like me, but if he can, we would come together, he is a musician
  3. We both like travelling, good food, good wine and music.

  Personal Message

I have never done flat exchange before, but I have subrented my flats in Berlin several times. I had always responsible people in my flat - just one person forgot to close the windows upstairs and it rained inside and they forgot from time to time to close the door after 20:00 o`clock and the neighbours got a bit annoyed. So, people who are able to follow the few house rules are especially appreciated. I am also a responsible person. You will find your flat exactly like you left it. I am...