Anzio, Italy

Beautiful home close to the seaside

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About Our Home
It's a confortable coutry house near to the sea side beach and only 30 km to the capital Rome, its a lovely place to stay in a beach place and to enjoy the city like rome in 40 minutes by train , but Anzio its also famous for the second world war so in Anzio and Nettuno there are lots of things to see , like little medieval Borgo in Nettuno where there is also the American cimetery and where also there is the Memorial Day every year ! And the tourist port in Nettuno and the commercial port in Anzio ! My huose its very lovely with too much garden with dogs lovely and quite and white dogs ! one one white cat ! For any ther information just write me !
Special Considerations
No smoking .- Be smart .- Being cleaning and with the house also , in and out ! Taking care of the house , don't crash the car , and don't kill the dogs , of course !!!!!! its quite oviously i think !
Saint tropez
lots of pubs around where i live and in summer time,lots of disco by the seaside
commercial center, called : Aprilia2, Latina fiori, Castel Romano Outlet
Circeo nice place to visit, in Rome, and Castelli romani lots of place to visit
Grotte di Nerone in Anzio rest of Nerone's houses
enjoy the good wheather the propely italian nice food and relax !

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  1. I'm a single 29 years old. Since 5-6 years working as a hairdresser. I live with my father that he used to work in and outside the houses but are few years his been very ill now he is fine but no m
  2. My brother is living behind my house, in his own appartment, near my grandmather house, we have 4 dogs and 1 cat that keeps works to my father and also all the big gardens and all the vegetables that
  3. i think in few months I will leave Italy cause for me work is not good here, not good pay and not good grow up and improvement so I think I will move to London.

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Anyway I am an open-minded person who loves to travel a lots but unfortunately life didn't give me chance to do much for many reason so , i thought was fine to be in this website ! don't hesitate to contact me also even for a friend ship its nice to exchange cultural news or others.