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About Our Home
My girlfriend and I live in the best neighborhood in São Paulo called Paraiso (Paradise). The apartment is close to everything. We are 3 blocks away from the subway (Brigadeiro Station), very close to Avenida Paulista (the financial center of Sao Paulo), where you can find many supermarkets, bars, night clubs, great shopping centers. We are walking distance to Ibirapuera Park (the biggest park in the city) The apartment is complete. High speed internet Connection. Wi-fi, Cable TV (in the living room and in the bedroom), blu-ray player, queen size bed, two bathrooms. In the building there is also a pool and a nice gym for exercising.
Special Considerations
No Smoking, and please keep the noise low, just in respect for the neighbors.
Arabian, Chinese, Japanese, italian, brazilian, indian, etc. Many restaurants in the neighborhood.
Walking distance (1 km) to Augusta Street. Many nightclubs and bars. Also close to Vila Madalena Neighborhood, known for the great bars.
In the Paulista Avenue (3 blocks away) there are several shopping centers. We are close to Oscar Freire Street where you can find many great and known stores.
Close to MASP (most important museum of Sao Paulo) - In the Ibirapuera Park there is MAM (Museum of Modern Art)
On Sundays, there is a great cycling lane that goes to many parts of the city. You ca rent a bike 1 block away from my apartment.
Ibirapuera Park an the Hotel Unique with his great roof bar and view (The Sky bar)
Special Events
This is Sao Paulo the biggest city in Latin America, there is always something going on!

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