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i am 33 years old, live alone to Arsos Village the last 11 months. i have house 2minutes outside of the village up to the hill. I have an extra bedroom (2 single beds). i have a German Shepperd dog live with me. i own a small business in the village called, The Tea Shop. ( (link replaced) ) there visitors can have a meal and lot of wine :) during the day i can organize a trip for you to the village, and the forest near, ware is a nature trails, lake, and big river. also visit the Kallena Botanic gardens, and winery of Arsos. The village of Arsos ( (link replaced) )is one of the biggest wine producing villages in Cyprus. It lies 40 kilometers from Limassol and 45 kilometres from Paphos It is built on the slopes of Laona mountain, 1092 metres above sea level, with an open horizon on the Valley of the Diarizos River, as far as the sea of Paphos. Thanks to this geographical position, it enjoys a wonderful cool and dry climate in summer and attracts therefore hundreds of holidaymakers. There are two versions about its name. One says that it comes from the Holy Alsos (grove) of the goddess Aphrodite, where the village is built, and the other tells us that it was one of the 4 towns founded by Ptolemy Philadelphos in the honour of Arsinoe. Since the most ancient times, it has developed into a big rich wine-producing village. All the inhabitants of the village make their own wine, especially red wine, and keep it in big earthenware jars. The jars and the winepress for the production of the famous Arsos wine, as well as the alembics for the production of zivania can be found in most houses. The church of the village is dedicated to Apostle Philip, the patron saint of the Community. The magnificent Byzantine church stands in the middle of the village; it dates back to the 12th century and is unique in its kind and dimensions. It has been declared an ancient monument by the Department of Antiquities and has recently been restored. Inside the church, you can see its ancient woodcut iconostasis dating from the 18th century with the old icons. The big icon of Apostle Philip, as well as a part. The Folk Art Museum of the village, one of the best in its kind, is remarkable. It is a building from the 19th century and an ancient monument, which houses tools, furniture, utensils from older times related to viticulture and the other occupations of the inhabitants. The ''Six Fountains'' nature trail along the river joins the six medieval fountains of the village. There is a rich fauna and flora. The fountains are linked to the village by cobbled pathways. Rural tourism accommodations function in the village. (link replaced)

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