Berlin, Germany

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The appartement is no longer available, but I don`t know how to delete the profile
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Member since: May 2013
Availability:   Within the next 6 months
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  Our Dream Trip

destinations Anywhere,  Italy,  Spain
Our perfect home exchange for this summer would be New York, but we are open for any country and city!
destinations Anytime
Everything between 7 days and 14 days in August 2013

  About Us

  1. We are a Dutch German Couple in our late 20ies living in Berlin.
  2. Katharina works as a project manager in a communication agency, Frederik writes his PHD thesis on political ecomomics and is a freelance journalist
  3. We love to live in Berlin and discover everyday something new. We like to go out with friends, enjoy cooking and baking and like to be engaged in interesting conversations about politics & culture

  Personal Message

We did private home exchanges before, but never over a website. So we are very exited to try it out!