Bucharest, Romania

Beautiful Home and Serious Family

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About Our Home
Our house is friendly and is close to town. Only 2 minutes walk to bus stops that are going to the city center or any other location. We are near malls, museums, the old center of Bucharest, parks, skating rinks, and theaters.
Special Considerations
We don't have plants or animals to take care of. And we don't smoke.

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  About Us

  1. we are a young and serious couple
  2. We work both of us, I am the accounting department and customer relations department is Ciprian
  3. we enjoy travel, to play, to visit, to cook less often, to stay with family and with friends

  Personal Message

we are serious and we ask earnestly, the house will be ready in colors that are desired, organization and cleanliness there, we'll take care of you and your things as our