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Large Victorian house Philadelphia

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About Our Home
This is a large Victorian House in the University City area of Philadelphia in a historic neighborhood that has been used as a bed and breakfast. I am offering a room in it for one or two people in exchange for a similar accommodation elsewhere, including the 'credit' ones. You could come for a few days or a week and you'll host me when I need to visit your part of the world. Also, here is a link on University City area, including restaurants [all with menus] art and culture etc. We are only short distance [by car or excellent public transportation connections] away from the down town Philadelphia.
Vietnam Cafe, Dahlak, Vienttian, Merigold, Gold Standard, Manakesh, Pod, Penne, much more....

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Member since: Jun 2013
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  Our Dream Trip

destinations Anywhere,  Thailand,  Argentina,  Italy
I am also interested in exchanging with other cities in the USA, especially NYC as well as the West Coast and any place in Hawaii.
destinations Anytime

  About Us

  1. I am a European architect who went for a doctoral program at the University of Pennsylvania and became a Philadelphian. The two kitties live with me.
  2. Sometimes I teach architecture, mostly at distant universities. I enjoy having guests at the b&b, my renovation projects and anything involving good, green design.
  3. Interested in healthy living, arts and culture and - dancing tango.

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I am hoping for the exchanges that also include the US, especially the NYC but also the West Coast and Hawaii [I have to go back to swim with dolphins at the Big Island]. They do not have to be simultaneous.