Prague, Czech Republic

Small but nice room in Prague

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The small nice room just for me. Sometimes my girl friend come and stay for few days. I never think to share till yesterday my friend introduced me some friend whom my friend know by this website and recommend me to join and exchange house. It's very great. My hobby is travelling. It will be very cool with this thing. Last month I had trouble in France( Paris) and a friend from Facebook let me stay for a week in her family house. And now I found this website. So I am very pleased to welcome you to my room. And one day, I will travel to your location and then ask you to stay there. :)
Pizza, Czech Traditional foods, KFC, Mc Donald's, Buffet.
Disco, Pub.
All monuments in Prague

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  1. I am single. 20 years old. From Vietnam
  2. I work as a driver in Tourism Company
  3. I enjoy travelling, everything relate to plane, playing simulation game and....BBQ.

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Let's try for fun. This is my first time. I have never thought that there was some websites like this till my friend told me. So great ! I like travelling and I hope that one day when you travel Prague and stay in my room, I will also do it back. It will be very great experience.