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We are between Rome and Roman Castles, in 40 minutes you can reach the historical center of Rome but in just 15 minutes you can visit the best places of Rome where Roman people spend night life to taste the best typical roman's foods and wines. Rome is Rome, we don't need to give you others information. About Roman Castles... The Roman Castles, "invisible castles", are famous since the antiquity for their natural and gastronomical attractions but, shadowed by the overwhelming comparison with the artistical richness of the near Rome, have stopped showing to visitors their own monuments, either small or big, their own treasures, details that recall of remote and recent times. For this reason "invisible", as to discover and enliven them we should sharpen our sight and follow the paths of memory. At few kilometres from Rome, and linked to the eternal town by an historical continuity, the area is famous with the name "Roman Castles". The same origins of Rome are strictly linked to the historical events of Alba Longa, presumably the nowaday Castel Gandolfo, founded by Ascanio, the son of Enea and Creusa, in 1230 B.C. Our flat is well furnished, furnished with double bed, linens, desk, chairs, wardrobe, towels, hair-dryer, TV 32'' with internet tv, kitchen use and WiFi internet connection. Our guests can conveniently come in and out as they wish having available their flat keys. We organize tour to the Roman Castles with old car FIAT 500! See you soon in Rome!
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Take care of our house :) please
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Palacavicchi or Barrio Latino
Tor Vergata Commercial Center
Museums in Rome
There are a lot of thinks to do in Rome!
Rome and Roman Castels
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There are a lot of thinks to do in Rome!

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  1. We are nice yang couple, we would make an experience outside of Italy
  2. I'm Daniele I work like computer science engineer and my girlfriend Cecilia play flute in Orchestra.
  3. We love any expression of the art, we would like to know other cultures and we are ready to swap our apartment!

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We are so nice people! We will give you a lot of tips to do everything in Rome!