Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lovely apt in Palermo Hollywood!

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About Our Home
My apartment is located in a nice, very in fashion neighbourhood. It is very silent, but also the area is the heart of the nightlife in this vibrant city!! You will love it! It has around 45 sqm, 1 room, living-dinning room, kitchen and 1 bathroom. Two can sleep in the main room, and living room has a coach for other 2. Also, there is a second coach where a kid can sleep. This is a lovely apt, built in the 60s, with high ceilings. Very fresh in summer. Bathroom is renewed. Equipped with WIFI, microwave, bread machine, refrigerator, grill, oven, and pottery for more than 10 people, so you can invite someone over, no problem. Cleaning lady can be arranged at my expense, no problem. Laundry service in the corner. Buenos Aires is bike friendly! I can lend 1 or 2 bikes, just let me know in advance! To take into account: no TV (i´m sorry, in general i just use my tablet), and its a second floor by the stairs. Also, because its an old building, the corridor is not very well maintained, but my apartment is in 100% good condition.
Special Considerations
Non simultaneous exchange possible! This would be my first exchange experience... my house is open, and i would appreciate that you look after it they way i will do for yours...
Miranda, Ceviche, Green Bamboo, Oui Oui, Mercado Amenabar
Sonoman, Godoy, Unicorn, Rio Cafe
Palermo Soho
Palermo Parks
1 hour away you can enjoy wildlife in Tigre Delta!

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This would be my first home exchange expierence. I would appreciate to keep my house in good condition as i will do with yours