Chula Vista, California, United States

Room/Loft for One

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About Our Home
It's a brand new house, the room for exchange is the guest house/loft. It has it's own restroom, big closet, TV, queen bed, desk, couch, and private entry. My family lives on the property. The main house has a big kitchen available.
Special Considerations
Please note the kitchen will be shared.
Cheesecake Factory
Otay Ranch Mall

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  1. I am a college student who needs to get away from the usual day to day living.
  2. I love the feeling of being in a new place and the adventures I will have.
  3. Getting the chance to travel somewhere different and get away from what I'm used to would mean the world to me.

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I have never done this before but my friend recommended this site and I really would like to get away from everything for a while.