Zhubei City, Taiwan

Single suite near high speed rail

Apartment 2 1 1
About Our Home
My suite is not too big but still with a bathroom, one double bed, and all you can use. The high speed rail is 2-minute drive, 15-minute walk. If you take THSR to travel: 30 minutes to Taipei, 30 minutes to Taichung, 90 minutes to Kaohsiung. If any further inquiry, please contact with me directly.
Special Considerations
Non-smoking, and if possible, please save energy, especially air conditioner, that would be very thoughtful and thankful.

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5/1/2014 to 05/16/2014 will be in UK and 05/17/2014 to 05/30/2014 will be in US

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  1. I'm 32 single woman, work at a technology company
  2. Neat, easygoing and friendly
  3. Love traveling, movies, food

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I've never done house exchange before. I’m a lovely single woman and live in a suite, raise a cat and always busy at work. One day I start thinking why I stuck in a rut; then I saw Stay4Free. I definitely need to change and think over what should I do next. Space out myself first. If you have the same feeling, or maybe just like movie “The Holiday”, then I think we could do it.