Galați, Romania

Family home close to Danube

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About Our Home
The apartment looks good. The living room, balcony, kitchen and bathroom have been renovated recently (about 3 years ago). The apartment has one bedroom and a living room, a bathroom, kitchen and balcony. The kitchen is fully equipped. In both rooms is a TV set, in the living room there is a computer with internet access via cable. The apartment is located on the 4th floor / 4. The location is close to the center (5 minutes walk) and close to Danube promenade (about 7 minutes walk).
Special Considerations
It is a smoking house (but only on the balcony). I also have an old persian cat. Is not picky and stand alone in the house. All he needs is to have special food and fresh water.
Cafe Anglais, Malnas
Union Jack, Daily
The Botanical Garden, History Museum, Village Museum
Nearby, it is a forest named Garboavele, which is a natural protected area.
TV Tower with restaurant (150m high)
Special Events
All kinds of concerts

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  1. I'm single, 37 years old.
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I have no experience with this kind of change but I think it will be a interesting one for me. I love animals and flowers, so there's no problem for me to take care of them. Not necessarily want to be alone in the house. All I need is only one room and also a guide would be welcome. :)