Kensington Park, Australia

east side room in cosy family unit

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About Our Home
I live with my mother (a great cook) and little brother. Both fun, caring and helpful people who will also be living in the house with you and would be happy for you to make yourself completely at home. I have the most comfortable bed you will ever sleep in, a TV, a piano (knock your socks off) and as many books you please in a spacious bedroom located at the back of the large unit home for privacy (with a lovely door for access from the outside to our pretty courtyard). In the heat of our summer we have a wonderful ducted air con system. We are 3 minutes walk from the bus stop to town which takes 15 minutes or 30 in peak hour times. We live in what most call the most beautiful and safe close-to-town suburb of Adelaide - with many trees. We are close to Norwood parade - a locally well known street full of cafes shops and a cinema. You can use my car and I have a fancy gym membership You would probably get away with using. My mother has very lovely classy taste in decor, the house has lovely furnisher, with very comfortable and pretty beds, chairs and couches. There are floor boards and high ceilings. Also it is a unit it is a large one and people are not always home so you will not be wanting for personal space. My mother is very clean, and as long as you help with the dishes every now and then you will not have to do much at all! Although there is a dog in the picture there are no pets, this just gives an idea of the outdoor area.
Madame Wu's (Thai), Taste of Nepal, Samurai (Japanese Teppenyaki), Nordburger, Argo (cafe/brunch), European Cafe (Italian), The Avery Dessert Bar, Grotto Pizza-teca, Eastern Sushi Bar, Sushi Kintaro
For hip crowds: The Colonist, The Bath, The Rising Sun, Grace The Establishment (really cool). For Older Crowds: The Norwood Hotel, The Feathers, The Robin Hood. for clubby/mainstream crowds: The Maid and Magpie, The Oriental. town is also close.
Norwood parade is just down the road with some great retail. Burnside Village is very close and has all the classy shops, as well as nice fancy condiments cheeses etc. Town has everything else and it's easy to get to
in the city, very easy to get to are the art gallery and museum side by side next to the universities
We live very close to a lovely (small) mountain hike trail called mount lofty/waterfall gully (a rainforest with waterfalls), there's also
Being the festival state we have many festivals all the time, lot's of theatre, music gigs/classical shows. The german town Handdorf. Wine tours in Clare, Barossa or Mclaren Vale all within two hours away. Also the 2 zoos both worth going too!
Special Events
The Christmas Pageants are charming and Adelaide always has some festival on. We also have common book/vintage or antique fair going on and lot's of art exhibitions on and off.
It is VERY easy to get around. People are friendly and helpful. My area is beautiful to walk around.

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