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- By The Yak Magazine - Firstly, I was greeted by the ultimate shabby chic accessory - the shabby chic dog! The garden has ponds, pots and various busty statues scattered around. There is a Suzuki Intruder 800 that intrudes on the front room and a 1962 Kharman Gia Volkswagon wears metallic rice-paddy green. Although Paul's home is a rental, the renovations and additions are undoubtedly Ropp. I'm sure there's a fabulous story behind each artifact, statue, painting and knick-knack. The electrically-styled, marble-floored living room is framed by intricately carved Javanese Kudus doors and furnished with vast neo-Dutch sofas. A simple bench-style, informal dining setting makes me think life for this fashionista is just one big picnic. And Paul selects his wall paintings as purposely as he selects fabrics from his garments. From the dining room, a gravitational pull leads me down the steps right into the swimming pool, which overlooks the river that flows by many a stunning home in this area. A collection of teak memorabilia decorates the area by the stairs, which leads to a guest room and I'm sure if I flipped over the corner on any of the scatter rugs, I'd see they were Persian. I suppose it is not surprising that Paul has soft furnishings in all types of textures and dynamic colours blend, nor that the colours on the beds are reflected in the art on the wall. The entire upstairs are is a vast air-conditioned, pillar free bedroom (so often in Bali one's view is annoyingly obstructed by support columns); this is Paul's refuge and his preferred place to chill out. Filled with more paintings from his collection and divans covered with Indians fabrics, I do wonder why there's a substantial six-seater dining setting in the middle of his boudoir, or maybe it's his boardroom? Paul's 'haven' has a door leading to a terrace complete with a lounge-daybed that looks down to the pool. I get the feeling this is definitely a home for comfort not necessarily for show - the private inner sanctum of Paul Ropp!

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