Lille, France

little studio , very quiet

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About Our Home
My house consist on one piece , perfect to spend one or two nights There's a little kitchen and all you need to sleep It's quiet little but there' is all you needs to spend a nights
Special Considerations
you can smoke , it's quiet little for a pet , otherwise it's just god sense!
Special Events
everynights on lille
very close to metro station

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Member since: Oct 2013
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  Our Dream Trip

destinations Germany
actually i'm searching for a place on berlin for a dance formation from the 30,10 to 30,11
destinations Anytime
i have to stay for a month but it can be for one week

  About Us

  1. I am a French Dancer , and i love meeting people and visiting new places

  Personal Message

I never do home exchanges and i don't have anything to propose, I'am always travelling and i often search for a place I'am really adaptive and social , so i follow the way of life of people who accept me! generally I'am serching only for sleeping , because on the day i visit or work!