Toshima, Japan

1 room in shared house

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About Our Home
I live 1 room in a shared house in Toshima district. The owner of the house is men in his late twenties.And he is open-minded about foreigners.He always make stayed new people using Couchsurfing.So if you want to stay,I can ask him. The house have 1 kitchen and 1 bath room and 1 toilet. And you can access the big park only 1 minutes. If you want to use Yamanote line,if you walk,you can arrive 1h.If you use train,you can access around 8 minutes to Ikebukuro st.The cost is 140 yen. From Ikebukuro st. to Shibuya st.=15-20 minutes From Ikebukuro st. to Ueno st. = 16minutes
Special Considerations
No smoking in the house please.

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