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Mountain villa with panoramic views to the natural park.Modernised finca on 30.000 m2 woodland. If you like nature,walks,fresh air - this is the place for you. If you like the cities,the beaches etc - this is not for you. The place is famous for its nature walks. Our house Located in the mountains near Valencia Spain Our small village is called Venta de Gaeta Venta de Gaeta is located 1 hour drive from Valencia . The drive is easy and on good tarmac roads all the way to our house. Our altitude is about 680 meters above sea level. On the 3 hectares plot grows mainly pine trees and some olive trees . Outside the gate there are almond fields which are spectalar when they blossom. There are frequent visits from dears, mountain goats and wild boars. About 200 meters away there is a spring where all the wild animals comes to drink mornings and evenings. We bought the house May 2012 and have been working hard to renovate the hole property. We are almost finished now. The house is furnished with modern classic furniture . Our property is actually 2 individual houses where we live in one and we rent out the other for short term stays. During winter months we offer hunting trips where the guests stays here on a all inclusive basis Our finca is located in an area where there are no public water supply. So we collect rainwater . We have no public electricity supply so we rely on our own solar panels and battery's On sunny days we can run washing maschine , dishwasher, electric oven and aircons on our solar systems. However it imposes some limitations on how and when we can use our electric appliencies. Any body that consider a house swap with us must posses some ”do it yourself” skills – because this is a finca in the country side and you must be able to solve upcoming problems yourself. Our heating system is mainly based on firewood but also on the use of aircons ( when we have enogh sunshine) Any houseswappers will start to stay here a day or 2 together with us so we can show the details of living here in our finca.Its not overly complicated to live here but it is different from a normal house or flat with public services like water and electricity. We have a good internet connection and landline phone. We have 2 dogs that lives outside all year. They are our guard dogs, but friendly. One of the dogs are quite big. The house swappers have the job of feeding the dogs . We can arrange to get help with feeding the dogs if you for instance would like to go on a trip for some days. We live in a very small and very friendly community. Everybody knows everybody here. Our homepage shows our public ”face” and it has a lot of info about what to do here (link replaced) The pictures are only from the house that we rent out. We do not show the photos from the house where we live. From our house we have a stunning view to the national park just in front of our property. On a clear day we can look about 30 km to the south from several rooms in the house.
Special Considerations
No Smoking. Our 2 dogs has to be fed and watered. Solar electricity system
Restaurant Venta Gaeta
Not available
Valencia shopping mall Bonaire
Look at our page (link replaced)
Special Events
Lokal fiestas all of August

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