Maplewood, Minnesota, United States

2 acres of land 5 miles from City

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About Our Home
Our home is a beautiful 70s build rambler on just shy of 2 acres of land in the city. There are 2 living rooms, kitchen that looks into the back yard and all 3 bedrooms are right next to each other on the same level. We have a pet rooster named Gym (not Jim haha) who wonders our back yard and visits all our neighbors and lives outside. We also have 5 deer that come to visit us daily along with many birds. We also have a fire pit in the backyard, an outdoor grill, a fantastic vegetable garden in the summer and we have snowmobiles for the winter. The neighborhood is wonderful and we have fantastic caring neighbors. We live walking distance from an outdoor water park, and just 5 minutes away from downtown St. Paul where there is much shopping and many things to do.
Special Considerations
No smoking and please take shoes off when coming in the home.
The Lakes Tavern, Trattoria De Vinci, Murrys Steak House
Downtown Minneapolis has many bars and clubs. Check out Sneaky Petes and the W.
Mall of America
Science Museum in St. Paul
Afton Alps, Como Zoo, Minnesota Zoo, depending on the time of year there are many fairs.
Lorring Park, downtown St. Paul, downtown Minneapolis
Special Events
Thursday night bingo at Sgt. Peppers is one of our favorite family friendly things to do.

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