Băița, Romania

Beautiful family home,close to city

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About Our Home
Our house is situated 10 km from Baia Mare city. The surroundings are beautiful, we are situated on the river Baita, surrounded by forests. We have a Samurai 4X4 jeep trails that we can do in the woods. In the courtyard in summer enjoy the pool and have a grill where you can enjoy outdoor barbeque. We have wonderful neighbors, with whom we each party from time to time. In the immediate vicinity, we have own distillery for brandy (tuica or palinca), where you can see how this occurs drink domestic. Weekly mowing grass yard and we can play mini golf on grass. Winter go to Wellness SPA, 5 km from our house, (link replaced) or ski, Cavnic located 30 km from our house (link replaced) We have 50 or 48, a boy who is dancesport. enjoy life and we would delight to know people from other parts of the world.
Special Considerations
No smoking in the house please; families prefer to know over the age of 35 years
If you come to us, you will eat traditional If you want restaurant, we can recommend goals in Baia Mare, where you can eat anything you want
As I said, we prefer couples over 35 years, who after spending a day outdoors, have no fancy nightclub; but if you want we can recomand a few night club, (with my son :) )
our recommendation (link replaced) , but are also small stores
you can see unique exhibits in the world at the mineralogical museum Baia Mare (link replaced)
Excursions in wooded areas, outside barbeque, pool
We are close to Historical Maramures area rich in tourist archaic attractions (link replaced)

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