Kita Ward, Japan

share one room in Kyoto

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About Our Home
I live alone. I'm university student. I have only one bed, but you can sleep with my sleeping bag or sofa. If you don't wanna stay my room, I tell you international guest house near my room :) I have one bathroom, kitchen, tv, PC.... If you wanna eat out, I take you anywhere you wanna go.
Special Considerations
You can smoke. You can cook my kitchen if you want to.
Saizeria that is family restaurant
I have a lot of recommendations :)
Convenience store
I don't know
There are many traditional temples near my room.
There are some bus stops near my room.

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  1. I can take you anywhere you wanna go.
  2. I usually work part time job, but if I know when you come, I can have my job off.
  3. I'm left side on my photo.

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My room is small. Maybe you will stay uncomfortablely.. If you don't wanna stay my room, I can tell you nother accomodations :) If you want me to guide Kyoto, I will!! Plz ask me anything :D