Tel Aviv, Israel

Modern beautiful center

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About Our Home
We live in the center of city -called a Nonstop City- which means that there is action around the clock for those who want it. Our apartment has been redesigned by us to be a retired couples' dream .It has a great living room cum dining area ,one bedroom with private bathroom another room which serves as computers room and a kitchen well supplied and a guest bathroom. We have a nice view across the avenue with a park and lots of green. All around us are supermarkets 24/7as well as a posh mall across the street. Coffee shops,pubs,restaurants,pizza places in profusion. We are 10 min.on foot to the beach.Lots of public transportation is very close by. Our neighbors are lovely.
Special Considerations
No special rules except keeping it clean.we have a cleaning lady once a week.
Brasserie, Gusto,the Worm,amore Mio,
Garden Mall
Tel Aviv museum of arts,opera,theaters
City Garden
Beach promenade,the Tel Aviv Port
Special Events
Tel Aviv events and tours
Take a trip to Jerusalem,eat at Paradiso bistro

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Country stay for 2-3 weeks
destinations Anytime
Spring and summer,off season ,and sometimes in the winter

  About Us

  1. We are in our 60ties retired for aprox 10 years.
  2. I worked for a fundraising organization for many years and met people from all over the world .My spouse worked in the financial sector.
  3. We both have hobbies: he is a modernist cook whileI take care of the deserts.we host a lot,travel,see friends. I paint ,he is a woodturners,we have 4grown up children and 4grandchildren here and 1 abr

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We have yet to do a house swap but are sure both sides would enjoy it very much