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About Our Home
Beautiful contry house in the Tietar Valley with great views to Almanzor Mountain. The house is the middle of an agricultural area at 15km from the nearests towns of Villanueva de La Vera and Madrigal de La Vera. There are lots of beautiful natural river-pools nearby (car is needed to arrive to the house and to the river areas) and great walk and hike routes both in the flat and in the mountain areas.
Special Considerations
No smoking in the house please and in summer time be very careful with fire (or cigarettes) around the house, There is a high risk of fire. If you like gardening there is always a lot to do all around the house and we have all kind of tools in our great store room. No pets inside the house, please. There is no drinking water in the house, but some natural fountains in the surrounding area provide cristal clear water for us.
In summer, river and natural pools all around
All level hiking and walking routes

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  1. We are a couple in our 30's with no children
  2. María is a free-lance theatre trainer and Ivan is a multifaceted architect

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We all the time invite our friends to our house and visit our friends in other countries and cities... but we never did this kind of house exchange before!!!