Tepoztlán, Mexico

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About Our Home
Our stunning new home was finished in November 2013. Tomás is an architect and has a great deal of experience where efficiency, sustainablility and architectural details are concerned. The house is spacious and open. We live with the doors and windows open most of the year. The pool is wonderful, solar-heated and saline treated. We are located right up against the mountains, not very far from the center of town. Tepoztlán is an intriguing artist´s community just an hour away from Mexico City and a short distance from some interesting architectural sites (Xochicalco and Chalcatzingo) as well as Taxco, a mountain town famous for its silver. In Tepoztlán we have two important sites: the Ex-convento, a 16th century church and priest´s residence and a 14th century Aztec pyramid (an hour´s climb up the mountain). We have a very lively and authentic market in the center of town. The big market days are Wednesdays and Sundays. We love to eat quesadillas, fresh juices and all sorts of freshly made Mexican delicacies.
Special Considerations
We have three dogs and two parakeets. Our big dog is a Dalmatian but we could send him to friends if we have guests. Our other dogs are a small Daschund and a Terrier. We have two cars, a Subaru Forester and a Jeep Wrangler. Smoking is allowed outside or inside with the house open. The yard and the house are looked after by employees who have worked for us for 18 yrs.

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