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Member since: Nov 2011
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  1. Female in her mid 30s, single
  2. Engineer/MSc degree. Working as international sr. consultant in environmental sustainability
  3. Outdoors and outdoor activities. Exploring new places and cultures. Travel savvy; adventurer. Creative. Open-minded. Responsible and neat.

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Since 2003 I'm a member of Servas where 'strangers' invite travellers to stay in their home for free for about 2 nights/3 days (quite similar to Couchsurfing). I've mainly used it (extensively) as a 'traveller' in the USA (2004/2011), Australia and a bit in homecountry the Netherlands. It's a great way to get to know the locals, get an insiders view of a city/town, exchange stories and make travel more affordable. I have also done Home-Sitting for an apartment in Amsterdam, owned by a Servas...