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destinations Anywhere,  Austria,  Croatia,  Czech Republic
I want to know the whole world!
destinations Anytime
I usually travel in January or in July. But we can arrange some other time of the year as well.

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  1. I am a 37 year-old woman, I live with my 18 year-old son who is an engineer to be. I am divorced and I have neither brothers nor sisters. My mom lives in a house in a house 3 hours away form Rio. In a
  2. I am a translator and a Professor at the University. I teach Translation and English. I also teach some English private classes as well as Portuguese for foreigners. Me and 3 other friends run a Trans
  3. I like exercising, reading, studying and traveling. As my house is very near the beach. I wake up early and go for a walk in the sand everyday. When it is sunny and hot I take swimming lessons in the

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If you want to enjoy and get to know Rio de Janeiro and a little of Brazilian Culture, you will enjoy visiting my city. I live in a very tiny little apartment, but it is clean, cozy and very comfortable.