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My home, which welcomes anybody non smoking, is very close to everything you may need and in nice neighbourhood. 4 bakeries close, 1 supermarket (a good one), 2 pharmacies, a butcher, several restaurants. It has anything you may need for vacations. You can go for a walk in fresh air or a beautiful view right "behind the house" (10 minutes and you are entering the hills). Of course the 200.000 inhabitants city provides night life, concerts, theater (if you understand it...) and the crowded sparkeling life of a student's city. You can go for day trips to several cities in Germany, France and Switzerland since connections are great. (One hour to Basel, two to Zurich, three to Colmar). But also going by train to the cool Black Forest is joy all year long. Maybe you want to take your bathing suite and dive into one of the mountain lakes. Close to the appartment a public pool provides the same. But maybe you just want to relax on my terrace (no balkony) watching the 50 cats passing by or so...;-) As a matter of fact the garden is only a meadow, but you can sunbath there of course. There is a big playground for kids right next to the house without any danger from traffic. My appartment: One bed 1,40m x 2,00 m (enough for one big person or mother and child up to 10yrs.). Possibly one more bed 1,90 x 2.00 (a bed for teenagers) in another room, which I did not list since it is my daughter's room. She has moved out already. My tv (device) is a mess, since it decides itself, wheather it deigns to work. Usually it does. DVDs can be watched. Kitchen: toaster, freezer (ice cream!), juicer and everything else one usually has got. Towels and anything needed for showering and washing hair can be provided. The washing machine also dries, which is not neede in summer since you can use the terrace for that. Unfortunately the map could not properly find my place. Cats and birds must be taken care of (the cats are outdoor cats, only feeding required). Picture of sleeping/living room will follow.
All types of right in front of your door.
A city full of anything cultural, free entrance often.

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  1. I am an empty nester in my fourties having decided to use the time before aging starts (did I really write that?) to do what I have missed up to now.
  2. As an artist I have always been an open minded person loving to meet people all over the world having wit and life experience.
  3. I enjoy everything beautiful in life like nature, food, wine, seaside, art, books...

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Years ago I was a member of Hospitality Club and I really enjoyed having guests! Now I am trying something new hoping this experience will be as enriching as the other one once was! My place is no palace, I live more humble, but everything is there. If you can accept that nothing is perfect and some things have become a victim of time, you will have a very pleasant stay in one of the most beautiful areas of Germany (Freiburg im Breisgau). Bus and train station close; tram as well. 30 minutes...