Poznan, Poland

Cosy, quiet with a great view :)

Apartment 4 1 1
optional rent
zł70 / night
zł350 / week
zł1300 / month
About Our Home
I live in a 33m2 apartement on 13th floor in a quiet neighbourhood, not far from the city centre though :) It comprises one bedroom=living room with a couch transferable into bed (2 people), a separate kitchen and bathroom. There is a small balcony too (around 2m2). The neighbourhood is located on a little hill, what, together with a fact of being situated on 13th floor, gives my apartement a beautiful view from the windows, far out of the city. There is also an airmatres that can sleep 2 people so if you don't mind a small living area you can come in with 4 people :)

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  1. I'm 26, working, living alone, traveling often wherever I can :)
  2. I'm a junior doctor, beginning my career
  3. I love discovering new places, cultures, religions and meeting people from everywhere in the world:)

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This is my first time here, hopefully a lot of great experiences and exchanges still to discover:)