Tel Aviv, Israel

a beautiful quiet appartment

Apartment 4 2 1
About Our Home
throgh our windows you can see a giant green tree with lots of birds and a very good vibes flowing in our living room/ the decor was made in tek aviv colours yellow' white and blue bright sky colurs. it is simple yet much more invested in than most apparements in tel aviv. one big bed room and one half a room for our children. with too bis matresses. big living room and equipped kitchen/

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destinations Anywhere,  Germany,  Netherlands,  Austria
surprise us/ mainly looking for a romantic house in the country side. nature, lakes and forrests are welcome :-)
destinations Anytime
but you can surprise us all year

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  1. we are a couple in the 40 artisis
  2. like to travel, enjoy nature

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we are new to this/ looking forward to it