Changsha, China

Close to the City Center

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About Our Home
Our apartment is close to the city center of Changsha, which is the capital of Hunan that, once, was an ancienty country in China, All kinds of utilities could be found in my apartment, where there are cookers, ovens, fridge and you name it. When you are traveling in the city, you will be amazed how Changsha is, breathtaking mountains, gorgeous riverviews, stunning firework displays that happen every saturday night alongside the river and more for you to unveil. After a tiring day, you would have a chance to relax and kick back at my apartment.. One more thing, nightlife in Changsha really blows you away! Bars are always a great choice if you would like to hangout with me.

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  1. I am at my early twenties.
  2. I am an English teacher working for New Oriental, which is a listed company in Nasdaq
  3. I enjoy cuisines, getting to know different people and traveling

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Hey, there, I am very new to this, and I have never experienced any home exchange, so I am pretty excited about this, I am easygoing and very easy to talk to, willing to make friends. Also, I am going to Bangkok in August, so if anyone wants to help me, plz reply. PS: I am from China.