Bursa, Turkey

ıt is a pleasure for me.

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we have ça family apartments. And we have an empty flat with furnitures. more before my grandparents were living in there. When they died then we decided to kjeep furnitures and the flat as somebody is living there. we have two rooms,toilet,bathroom,two sofas and two beds.as i said this apartment belons to us and we have a terrace at the roof. especially in summer it is being beautiful. and we have garden furnitures there. And internet connection is available there. We are originally from Greece. I am living with my parents in a flat and in the other one my borther is living with his own family. I can speak english and my father can speak german. So.. we dont want any payment for stayin here. Just you can pay to bills as much as you used. Electricity,water,heating(in winter)etc... we would like to spend time with people and have communications. See yaa ;)

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I want to make a world tour. Because of this it isnt so important for me,you are living where :) I will add pics for apartment and flat as soon as possible.
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  1. we have a family apartment. I am living with my family here
  2. My father is retired and and my mom is a housewife. I am a worker in a factory
  3. as i said we like to spend time with new people and make conversation with them.

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ı dont care about exchange. Because i dont know that where i can go or not in the future. If we would have good relations it is enough for us