Karachi, Pakistan

Beautiful family home close to city

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About Our Home
Our home is beautiful. We have a basement where there is full theatre system installed and we can share it with our guests. We have house servants who can help the guests if they need anything. We are four sisters and we live with our mum and dad. We are not usually home but can mother and father can help with telling about the city and the country in general. We are very hospitable people, the food is free at our house! Can also accompany and facilitate on trips to different cities in Pakistan.

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  1. I am a journalist aspiring to be a politician someday. Very entertaining and hospitable.
  2. My father is a agriculturalist and a politician, my mother is a housewife. Older sister is a lawyer, two of my younger sisters are still in college.
  3. We all enjoy travelling but i am the most eager so you will be more or less exchanging with me

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I love animals but don't we are okay with drinks and drugs at our place but could negotiate on this. Pakistan is a beautiful country and Karachi has so much to offer. I want to boost tourism in my country :) Please cooperate.