Cancún, Mexico

a lovely family home

House 4 3 2
About Our Home
our house is small but it is placed in a central place whitout neigthborgs problems we have a small kitchen totaly equiped 2 complete bathrooms and almost 3 bedrooms whit big beds

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destinations Anywhere,  Spain,  France,  Italy
I travel to europe in september, I arrive to madrid, i want to know france, italy, and spain, maby england and germany.
destinations Anytime

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  1. I´m student guy from cancun mexico I´m 19 years old
  2. I love nature work outdooring life
  3. I worked with the marine tortoise and conservation of the ecopark puerto morelos

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I´m new in this place I wanna know others experiences of many travels. I love nature work and outdooring life, thake care of nature and animals. also meet others cultures and many people