Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Oriental fairy tale

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Located in one of the most ancient and historically significant cities of the world, Bukhara which is also called Pearl of East, in a friendly and quiet neighbourhood. Located in the center of the city. The appartment is designed in European style, fully furnished, including 2 beds for kids and a king size bed for adults.

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  1. My name is Nafisa. I am 35. I'm married. My husband and I have two lovely sons 8 and 5 years of age. Together we love traveling, swimming, hiking.
  2. I work as a HR manager for a large transnational company. I like my job because I like to work and communicate with people and help them in different issues. My husband runs his own business in IT technologies. .
  3. I have a variety of interests ranging from baking cakes to crochet and reading Russian, English and American classical literature and learning foreign languages. Right now I am learning Italian.

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My life principle is "do to people what you would like them to do to you" which means that one must respect and value others, their lives, opinion, privacy. That's what I teach to my children to be respectful, compasionate and tolerant, to obey law of the place you live and to keep your house neat and tidy. If your house is a mess, so is your life. If your house is clean and neat, so your life is stable and full of sense.