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This is two apartmets in one. We call it "wintersummer" cause in one of apartmets is cosy, full of sun and life, the other is cool, but worm and quiet. There are two bathrooms and five bedrooms, two kitchens. Everything is new couse there is a repear in 2012. The flat is not far from the Tube (it's pretty convinient) and not far from the center of Moscow. !!!ATTENTION!!!! I want to offer the exchange, BUT I want to invite you firstly in my house, it'll be great I can show you Moscow. But then you invite me in your house for free. I don't want to do exchange at the same time!!!! I INVITE YOU IN ONE OF THE ROOM, BUT YOU WILL HAVE YOUR OWN KITCHEN (if you want) and BATHROOM.

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  1. I'm student of Russian State Social University and I work as a secretary. I'm linguist by profession.
  2. I'm 19. So I'm pretty young. Like activities, trevelling and dancing.
  3. I live with my family in Russia. My stepfather is French, My mother is Russian, We're international family.

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If you like to contact with me or find out more for making sure that it's not a fake or DANGEROUS( a lot of foriengers think that Russia is really dangerous country). Here is my contact in facebook: I'm really cheerfull and friendly. I really like to show the sights of Moscow. That's really great!