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Hi, I am a 28-year-old girl doing a Working Holiday program in Germany . Me and my friend,(he's not confirmed yet) will stay 3 months in Germany (at least) from September 1 , 2014. I need a flat /house for at least 1 month. I only need a place to sleep which is close to the bus/metro. I have 3 options to offer and you can combine them :) . 1.Beach house: A house in a very exclusive area 1 hour and 45 min. from Santiago. The place is called Las Rocas de Santo Domingo. Google it :) There are 2 houses inside. One is solid ( the one in the pictures) . My brother has decorated it (he's an artist) ,and I think it should look better by now as the pictures are 2 years old. There are3 rooms with 5 beds in total, a toilet and kitchen. The other little house is made of wood . There are 2 rooms, a kitchen and a toilet. There is a big garden and it's 5 minutes walking to the beach. It's a very beautiful place to stay. 2.Island House: A house in the South of Chile, in Chiloé Island. The house was built two years ago and it has a wonderful view.2 floors house .Check the pictures. 3. Santiago room: A big room with toilet ( Separate from the main house) in Santiago de Chile. There is a king-size bed and a piano. 5 minutes walk to the metro station :) . There is also another extra room which can be set up in case . The kitchen is in the other house and well. The people living in the main house are my friend's family. All of them are teachers and are very nice people. The kitchen is almost all of the time alone so you can prepare your food quietly,and dine there. There is a big garden and you can eat there if you want to when is sunny.

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Hello there, I am a Chilean 28-year-old girl on a Working Holiday Program in Germany. I am looking for a room/apartment for 1 month at least. I lived in Denmark under the same Working Holiday scheme and I worked at the same time. I am now in The Netherlands and I would relocate in Germany by the 1st of September or before ( it depends). I don't smoke and I am very quiet ( a bit boring as I don't party,etc). I love music and I play a bit of guitar and ukulele in my free time. I hold a...