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Hello there our Home lies ca a half hour from the norwegian city Alta, it has a kitchen, a living room and a bathroom at the first floor, three bed rooms at second floor + a TV room with bed for kids in. and a basement where it is a Sauna, we also have a big garden where you can have dogs lose and a hundegård(I am not sure what it is called on English) + a doghouse for two husky sized dogs. The areas around is fine places for tips(both on the winter and at the summer), there's wonderful nature around the house as well as the house is out at the countryside and you can also see the sea from the windows and terrace and it's just ca 8. minutes away from a place where you can fish. the house also lies only 10/15minutes away from a ski resort PS: this is not really for people who look for places to shop as Alta isn't really a big city(but it's still an okay city as it have a center, a small water park and some grocery stores) (pictures of the inside of the house will be send to you by request as it's a bit messy now)
"Det lille kjøken" is a great and cheap place to buy pizza
"Alfa Omega" is a good place for eating luch, but is quite expensive
Amfi and parksentre is some places to shop
Alta museum and it's populare petroglyphs
Sking is a quite populare sport here
The petroglyphs in alta and the alta river

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