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I am living in the province now with my mother. I live in a small town with simple standards of living. We don't have fast food joints here and people are usually off the street by 7 pm. We live in a subdivision. People are usually asleep by 9 so there's no more transport almost by that time. We live near rice paddies so you'll hear lots of insects at night and birds in the morning. The air is clean and simple. I have wifi at home so you can use it. We have a small bathroom and kitchen. You can cook if you want and I can also help you buy stuff in the market. Most of the time I work at home so I can help you out whenever I'm free with my errands and business transactions. I can let you sleep on our couch in the living room. I can also share with you our simple meals and tour you around the countryside.We live simply here and if relaxation is your goal, you can easily have that here.

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  1. I enjoy having a meal with friends and family.
  2. I do lets-cook-whats-in-the-fridge kind of cooking---always!
  3. I love travelling and meeting new people.

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Hello!Mabuhay! I'm Krizia. I loooove travelling, meeting new people and learning about life from my different experiences. I love helping out people that's why I'm on the journey to become a Social Entrepreneur. I believe we all have the power to help and we are always in the position to give. I love self-help books, i (secretly) love handwritten letters from friends. I'm a designer and creator by heart and i enjoy arts and crafts with kids, papercutting, dancing zumba and joking...