Kaş, Turkey

Beautiful home close to city

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My home renoveted 2 years ago. it has bathroom , one a large bed , wifi, balcony and aircondition. its so comfortable . i have an apartment also pension in kas . everyone can check it . Eucalyptus Pension . its free for stay4free :)

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  1. im a student and i have an apartment in kas . check it "Eucalyptus Pension"
  2. i learn german , i study all of the time
  3. i like meet with new people , travel , swim...

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im new on stay4free. im a student also a pension . its name is Eucalyptus Pension in Kas. İ have website www.pataraeucalyptuspension.com. im learning german and 21 years old. looking for guests its free for stay4free.: ) its a secret ;) i like meet with new people . i like swim and learn something . reading books or german books . life is so great .